Friday, 1 May 2009

Trundling along the Nydon

The bull: Trundling along the Nydon, a Morris Minor Traveller and the crossing at Catcott made a good subject for the photographer to test out his new 200mm Pentax Takumar telephoto lens mounted on his brand new and very fangled Pentax Spotmatic!

Reality: This afternoon it dawned on me that RAILEX is only 3 weeks away and that there’s still a bit of extra work to do on Catcott.

The warning signs are new, well actually borrowed from Combwich - they’re etched brass. Also a couple of areas missing fencing was addressed using bespoke Tim Maddocks’ mesh from last year’s RM Web jolly in Somerset (I’m not ruling out 2010 for Catcott if the event is repeated). The horizontal rodding on the bridge was replaced with brass - the previous plastic ones kept being broken due to resting cameras! All much tougher now! This shot is straight out of the camera under the layout’s own lighting.

Click on the image above to enlarge!

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