Sunday, 31 October 2010

Thanks Barking Bill!

48660 prepares to depart Combwich Station with a mid afternoon service to Templecombe on the 10th of October 1965.

This afternoon I finally finished off the 8F with a good dose of dry-brushing using creams, leather, earth, pale grey and finally black (just to take the edges off) in front of the computer looking at Barking Bill's FLICKR website for inspiration. I will replace the pony wheels next time I get to a good show with such suppliers. I have to say that this loco runs and absolute dream.

Photographically I just used the natural window light with a long exposure, and this is just what the eye sees too including the backscene. The only trickery is the fake clag.
  •  W I D E S C R E E N wallpaper version HERE!
  • See this layout and the 8F for real at WYCRAIL!

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