Thursday, 28 October 2010

Perspective Dilemma

Bath shed's Class 4 Ivatt 2-6-0 has just arrived at Combwich with the mid morning working from Templecombe formed of a brace of LMS subs and an LNER Pigeon Brake Van. Note the trucks on the narrow gauge 2ft 3inch gauge wharf tramway. For a bigger version of the above snap CLICK HERE .

It's all the rage these days to photograph model railways from a worm's eye view in an attempt to make them look more 'real', occasionally though, it's nice to get up a little higher to show off more of the layout. But, photographically if too elevated the backscene can start to take on an odd perspective spoiling any realism, so it's probably not the best approach if you're trying to pass off your pride and joy for the real thing. A similar problem occurs with low relief buildings if not perpendicular with the camera, with my pet hate being half low-relief houses which look very odd when the ends are not hidden by a tree or some other tall structure to hide that fact that the rear of the roof is missing.

The low relief end-on warehouses seen top right in the snap above very much highlight this problem, with them looking rather odd from most angles unless viewed head on. In hindsight I'd have been better off with a bank of trees, but it wouldn't have given that mildly industrial look I was after at the time and only having 1/2 an inch depth to play with.

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