Friday, 22 April 2011

Get outside - it's a lovely day....

nevard_110422_brewhouseQ_IMG_9812_web, originally uploaded by nevardmedia.

Before I take advantage of the nice weather outside (probably doing dull things like gardening which I hate; Astroturf and plastic shrubs would be ideal - actually full sized static grass would get my vote too), here's another quick snap of the overgrown rails on the wharf after a zap of the Grasmaster. The lightly laid (code 55 flatbottomed) section here being inlaid in ash and clinker between the cobbles, so after a little rain ideal for grass and weeds to propagate. 

Someone who also should really be outside will no doubt want to know about the single wooden cask next to the disused crane, why it's there and what make it is. I have no idea, maybe it was pinched from the pub next to the loco after closing time? I can tell you that it's a pukka wooden one and comes from the Black Rat Brewery in Saltash, but apart from that, can tell you no more I'm afraid - so get out for some sun!

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