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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

My First White Metal Kit

Old tosh: Templecombe's familiar ex-LSWR G6 No. 30274 is captured here under stormy looking skies at Combwich on one of its very rare outings from shunting in Templecombe Upper Good Yard. Click on the photos to enlarge.

Fact: Here's my very first white metal kit in the form of a Wills LSWR G6. I recall at the time buying a Wrenn SECR R1 0-6-0 for the chassis. In 1979 when I built this kit, the missing centre flange on the heavy duty chassis was reasonably acceptable, with many ready to run steam locos from UK manufacturers featuring such.

31 one years on and the loco still runs very well, albeit with a nice ozone aroma. I do have to be selective about what track it runs on, with Peco and SMP being fine. C + L with its more pronounced chair detail is an issue. At some stage I might replace the heavy wheels with some Romfords - I've been saying that for the last 25 years though.....

Combwich, the layout used as a backdrop here was started at around the same time that this loco was built, to me though it still sort of feels like a new layout, though some of the techniques like blobs of solder to depict rail chairs has been surpassed to some degree. The dash here and there with the Noch Grasmaster is a good way to bring the scenic aspect of older layouts back up to date easily.


  1. Snap! I did exactly the same and probably about the same date, except finescale wheels fitted with compensated horn blocks mounted in a bodged R1 chassis (rear axle). Unfortunately though, my R1 doner chassis motor is not very good at slow running. Only 7 of the class survived into the 1960s with all gone in 1961 or 2 (conflicting reports). The last one in service was used in Meldon Quarry I believe.

  2. This one runs very well - but makes a real noise in the process. I guess now is the time to change the wheels in time for RAILEX and to make it Catcott friendly. Actually, it would look the part in the brewery too. 30274 lasted at Templecombe until the late '50s and pops up in several Ivo Peters' photos, albeit looking out of use. Rose tinted glasses eh?


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