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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Cask & Crane

Brewhouse Quay Project: The other day I found this half complete Wills yard crane (KitsSS51). Originally it was intended for the little yard at on Catcott Burtle but it didn't quite work, but at last it has found a home on the brewery quayside.

The 2 rather fetching wagons of GWR design are ancient and built from white metal kits. They must be at least 30 years old, if anybody knows of the manufacturer I'd love to know, not that want to build any more, it's just that I'm bound to be asked!

Hail to the Ale! Each time I visit a model shop or show I must buy out the entire stock of wooden style ale casks, I'm going to needs literally hundreds of them. I'll gladly accept donations too (for a small fee of course)!

This snap was taken under domestic lighting, when I finally construct the built in lighting I hope to minimise shadows on the backscene, as seen behind the chimney here. Meanwhile enjoy the snow like effect of yet to be painted cobbles - they won't be this colour for too much longer!

Stop Press! I'm hoping to be able to début Brewhouse Quay at Model Rail Live 17 & 18 September. I'll confirm this shortly.


  1. Get yourself some Fimo modelling clay from a craft shop (couple of quid for each slab). Make a multi-impression half barrel mould out of the Fimo using an existing barrel. Cook it. Press Fimo into the mould, remove, cook and glue two halves together. I think once you have made the mould you might get 20+ barrels out of a slab.

  2. Looking very tasty-I am thinking about having a go myself for a winter project wth Adnams Ales of Aldeburgh in Suffolk.

  3. How cool! Simple yet very realistic!


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