Friday, 4 February 2011

Track Laying on Brewhouse Quay

nevard_110204_brewhouseQ_IMG_9104_web, originally uploaded by nevardmedia.

Track laying has now started in earnest on my brewery project. Because the layout will be presented diorama style with a high curved backscene on 3 sides as mentioned on previous posts, I'm laying the track 'off set' using a 5mm foamboard sub-base which will be firmly bonded to the proper plywood base once most of the fiddly stuff has been done. It's much easier to work this way because I can spin the base around to suit and really ensure that the trackwork is all properly aligned without having to resort to some kind of contortion act. Good track is something that is particularly important with a layout which will mainly be running 4 wheeled locos, though of course one should always aim for well laid track irrespective of what one is running.

Much of the trackwork on the left hand side (which is next to the canal basin) will be embedded in sets (cobbles), so armchair modellers should worry too much about the iffy sleeper spacing. Note the check rails on the nearest line in preparation for the 'sets' which will probably be scribed Humbrol Air Clay.


  1. It must be very comforting to sit at a table like that and have every corner of the layout within arms length for modelling - and I guess that is where the real pleasure is since operationally it may not sustain interest for long. Be interested to see your views on this dilemma. Like your foamboard idea. I use cork tiles but your foamboard appears more versatile. Where do you source it?

  2. Question. looking at the shadows around the edge of the foam board, I assume its doesn't lie flat to the table. Does laying the track on an unflat surface cause a problem when the foamboard is later pulled flat to the baseboard?

  3. DS; No operational dilemma, the operational aspect doesn't interest me - it's all about the construction and visual effect for me. I buy foam board from Graphics Direct. They usually deliver within 24 hours.

    RJR, the foam lies down flat with hardly any pressure. Code 55 is very bendy. The final running tweeks will be done once the sub-base is glued down nice and flat where any issues will be addressed.


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