Saturday, 2 June 2018

Nano Layout?

Finally finished the tiniest layout I’ve ever built. Just 14x4 inches without fiddle yard. Designed to live in a small plastic storage box. Working in such a small scale and footprint definitely sharpens up my act, the camera getting a lot closer than the eye! This was a commission, the owner supplying the baseboard with a length of track pinned down - my job was to decorate it to make it look ‘West Country’. I’ll miss this one when it goes on Monday. Could such a small layout (if it can be called that) be a new sub genre #nanolayout ? Rule: 2 square feet? 

1 comment:

  1. Multiply the dimensions by 3.5 and it becomes a feasible O-gauge layout of 49 x 14 inches. Take a commercially produced laser created base board of 1220 x 450 and an amount of Peco O-gauge set track and mix gently.

    Very definitely has possibilities for the senior scale muddler.


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