Friday, 25 February 2011

Friday's Load of Old Bull...

Swindon's finest 3206 pauses at Catcott Burtle with the 2.20pm service from Highbridge to Evercreech Junction during the rear end of the summer of 1965. Note the brisk westerly wind catching the exhaust (which I admit to being Photoshoppery).

OK, enough of the old tosh, hopefully the grass is a good advert for static grass "ground foam is so 90's don't you know?". The reeds are not the right colour and too dense - some plucking and work with the airbrush needed there (real life and its requirements somehow got in the way). The actual backscene is suffering from perspective things from this oblique angle - my excuse is that strong westerly and moist air off the Bristol Channel in is to blame, the Mendips being about 4 miles to the north creating the cumuli running along the ridge (it looks fine head on). Must sort out the curtains on the top right window (cut out from junk mail) - they're rubbish I know (but it is very small in real life). And if any smart nice person mentions that the telegraph wires should sag then listen to sound of a raspberry very loud.....



  1. I still reckon ground foam has its place. Tidy lawns for example. "Proper" grass is easy to do for overgrown messy stuff and looks very good but unless someone comes up with a working 4mm scale lawnmower...

  2. There is static grass for Z gauge now - perfect for a lawn... ;-)


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