Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Today's load of old drivel

120312_polbrock_DSC_2368 by nevardmedia
120312_polbrock_DSC_2368, a photo by nevardmedia on Flickr.
Being serious for moment, which I do find that hard at times to be honest - you may notice that Polbrock is a little more complete than in previous photos with the addition of rickety fencing and more sun-burnt late-summer tall grass.

I needed to get a move on, because 'Part 1' on 'how it was dun' will be appearing in Model Rail very shortly. It will be a 4 part 'Workbench' feature covering the construction aspects in detail. In another feature I'll also touch on the home brew backscene seen here which anyone with a camera and computer can create, and you don't even need a printer or to mess about with wallpaper paste getting into a right wrinkly old mess.

And now, because I hate serious, here is the obligatory load of old tosh aimed at my favourite non-modelling fraternity we all see at shows. Yes, I know I milk the squeaky voiced brigade far too much and should really be looking at other aspects to make the proverbial pee out of, so will be looking at other aspects I promise. 'Railway Club' monogrammed kebab and dribble (mainly caused by internet forum froth) stained green polo and sweatshirts probably deserve some mileage maybe? I digress, here is the tosh for today anyway touching familiar old ground.....

4571 trundles past the Pedant & Armchair pub at Polbrock. As we all know by now, this pub was reputedly popular with nit-pickers, 'expert' armchair modellers and society misfits. You might not know that It was closed down shortly after this photo was taken and the customers mostly locked up in Bodmin Gaol or forced out into the real world to communicate with the general public in a civilized manner. The pub then burnt down mysteriously, the cause thought to have been a burning coal from a passing train.

The loco crew didn't want to be associated with it, so cannot be seen in the shot. The owner of the abandoned car is hiding off scene to the left, not wanting to be stopped outside the pub for any length of time. Shortly after the photo was taken, its owner ran back to the car and headed off over the crossing without delay to avoid the most irritating adenoidals coming out of the pub with copies of the highway code telling the owner that he or she was at the wrong distance from the crossing and that the car tyre pressures where 4psi low and that the recent repaint was the wrong shade of midnight blue.

Trainee nit-pickers will of course notice the BR orange curtains in the pub windows, we don't want to dwell too much on the activities that went on behind them, but the chances are it was something to do with trains entering tunnels and soiled pages ripped out of old Ian Allan ABC books - horrible!

In recent years commercial paranormal groups have held vigils on the site of this pub to try to communicate with the horrors that frequented this place. Exorcism has so far failed to expel the dark spirit/spotters that allegedly haunt this spot.

*With apologies to those with adenoidal issues – do see a doctor, it can treated with minor surgery called an Adenoidectomy – read all about it here


  1. Em. In paragraph four the pub burned down but in paragraph five the nitpickers are predicted to emerge from the pub to 'educate' the car driver.
    Are these the ghosts referred to in paragraph seven? Or did some horribly mutilated and shredded nitpickers survive the inferno and it is these who still live in the charred ruins to pounce on unwary passers by? (and also go to model railway shows?)

    Sorry, that is nitpicking I suppose. But I'm confused (and a little bit scarred if truth be told. I shall carry garlic to the next show I attend.)

  2. Richard, you're worryingly good at this ;-)


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