Sunday 4 December 2011

New Sign for the Pedant & Armchair

The Pedant & Armchair is now fully open and is complete with appropriate signage on the front. The nearby railway also has warnings to warn of its presence, but of the course the clientele would never dream of wandering onto the line because they almost certainly read government health and safety guides before going to bed. They are also unlikely to be drunk, 'mother' would never allow it.

I just need to think of a suitable name for the licensee to post above the door, thoughts?

Thanks to Troels Kirk for the inspiration.


  1. Yes I can but they would probably be libalous.

    Anyway, the pub will go bust as it all the potential drinkers will be standing about where you are and every time someone tries to get in the door, will shout in a nasal twang "Get out of the way of my photograph there is a rare (insert chuff chuff) coming and I don't want people in the picture !!"

  2. Timothy Haversack-Rivet

    Timothy as in Ronnie Corbett's character in 'Sorry.' (Mummy's boy)
    Haversack as in what he always carries.
    Rivet as in what he has lost and is looking for.

  3. I really like the new pub, great name.

    Is it true that the landlord is Richard Small, Dick to his friends, or am I getting mixed up with the “UNIX and Command Line” pub in Manchester’s University area.

    Now I am sure his predecessor was one N. Picker who had a German cousin, one Herr Splitter and a motor mad brother in law, who was also a clergy man, the Rev. Counter. In the same village the local GP was Doc. Trinaire.

    Better stop now before I get into trouble!


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