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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Cheap Tip!

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Here's a cheap trick for fans of the 3 foot rule (don't get too close basically)....

Some budget yard lamps, barbecue skewer, bent nail, a slice of plastic tube, splash of paint, job done. They look fine from normal viewing distance. You won't break them when you collide with them, if anything you'll draw blood. Of course they don't work, but hey, the sun is out, so they wouldn't be lit.

Knocked up 9 in around an hour (from 3 skewers chopped in to 3). Cost maybe around 15p in total. Bish bash bosh!

An old (or new, if you're posh) bamboo blind can make a good source of 'timber' too. This hobby does not need to be expensive.
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  1. Neat idea. I think most peoples eyes would just register that a lamp is there and move quickly onto the surrounding area, not even noticing how the lamp is made or what materials its made from.

  2. Very clever and very effective. Nice tip. Thanks.


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