Monday 18 June 2012

Combwich - 30 years ago!

8104_stogursey_003_01 by nevardmedia
8104_stogursey_003_01, a photo by nevardmedia on Flickr.
Combwich is a lot older than most people think, the baseboards and track dating back to 1980. It was originally called Churchstanton, then Stogursey and finally the present Combwich when I rebuilt it in 2001-present.

The layout is still very active, in fact it's better now than it's ever been:

Most of the stock seen here is still in regular use too over 30 years on. The signal box has moved 3 times, and some will spot the change of roof too!

The track plan showing things are they are now, hopefully it will help place things.
Seeing these pics, which are neg scans is like going down memory lane, especially because most of them were never printed. On a couple of them I have been able to digitally remove my teenage bedroom walls which were in the background, that's something I could only have dreamed of at the time!

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