Friday, 25 December 2009

Xmas Antidote....

No snow, sparkles or bright coloured baubles here, but a picture of an early sunny morning in late summer:

Now in private ownership, Radstock's former Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway 'Pug' 0-4-0 51202 is captured pottering about with high exposives on a little used section of Cement Quay. Apart from the fake clag, there is no computer jiggerypokery with this snap.

A short while ago I detailed up and repainted the Hornby 'Pug' bought on Ebay. The wagons are from various kits, some of which are getting on for 30 years old, they were recently refurbished to bring the weathering up to current expectations (I hope!).

The cement loading thingamywhotsit is a modified and repainted Skaledale ready to plant structure, the aerial conveyor is Cornerstone (Walthers). Grass is Mini-Natur applied with a Grasmaster, other rocky detritus is the real thing from from Midford in Somerset which was scaled down using a hammer.

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