Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Mucky Duck - Muckied Up!

OK, here we go, most mornings after breakfast during the week I fibreglass pen'd off more lining and numbers etc (should have bought a plain black LMS liveried one - duh!). Renumbered as Bath Shed's 43017 (was there from 1950-53) and drybrushed on grime with enamels and washed of black and beige matt emulsion. All was sealed in Krylon Matte (which still gives a light sheen - like grease?). Just screw couplings, crew and pipes to add.

These were shot under Catcott's new flu/energy saver mix lighting (the same as Cement Quay) which I'm quite pleased with (flu's were too cold, energy savers too warm - this strikes a balance).

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