Saturday, 7 February 2009

Pond Life

To try to give the water in the drain that runs along the front of Catcott Burtle that more static look of an old canal, a dash of paint here and there has been applied to give the effect of water lilys. Pictures of the old Glastonbury Canal, drains and nearby rhynes show these little green floating platforms favoured by sunbathing toads (well, in childrens' stories anyway) to be prolific on the Somerset Levels.

To achieve the effect here, first the canal bed was painted a greyish brown colour (any old paint will do). Next, 2 layers of PVA white glue, then when set the lilys were painted on with acrylic using 3 different shades. To finish off, the whole lot was given a thin layer of clear gloss varnish.

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