Friday, 12 December 2008

Free Scenics!

In preparation for what will be Cement Quay's first outing in a year at the Guildford Show on Saturday 17 Jan 2009, a little time yesterday afternoon was spent upgrading things a little.

A rummage on our lawn sourced some moss which I felt had some scenic potential. After few hours in the airing cupboard overnight to dry out, little bunches of the stuff were stuck down then sprayed with a PVA/paint and water mix to strengthen, preserve and darken the colour a little. The tips are then painted mauve to look a little Budliah/Rose Bay Willow Herby using some cheap acrylic from Tesco.

Some of that modelling is very wonky from this angle - ah, it's all just slipping into the Severn, well that's my excuse anyway.....


  1. Looks really good. Shame I haven't got a lawn... might have to raid the parents' lawn!!

  2. Excellent! Really like the texture and colour you achieve.


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