Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Another test shot

Another test shot with the little Canon G9; this time from a little further back, we see 60026 crawling along through the weed ridden tracks pulling a short rake of MEA wagons out from under the stone hopper on Cement Quay.

This as before, was shot with the available mixed lighting and converted with Photoshop CS3's own raw convertor (Adobe RAW 4.3) rather than the supplied Canon software (which I haven't loaded).

There is some slight barrel distortion visible with the overhead metalwork, not really any more than from any other camera of this type. Next time I'll use the Photoshop correction tools to remove this. Chromatic aberration is minimal, with just the slightest of fringing on high contrast edges at the periphery of the field. This was removed fully and very easily during the RAW conversion stage - good reason to use Adobe RAW over the Canon software which is unlikely to have that facility.

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