Sunday, 2 September 2012

Polbrook Gurney Colliery Sidings 'box

Out of the box Bachmann Scenecraft Highley 'box
In preparation for the Polbrock extension and move to North Somerset after Model Rail Live (22/23 Sept) I've started to look at some of the buildings.

Here we have 'Polbrook Gurney Colliery Sidings', based on a Bachmann Scenecraft 'Highley Signal Box', repainted into BR WR colours and weathered to suggest a box towards the end of its life on a rural backwater. The colliery will finally make use of the buildings from my Mendip Colliery project.

The fiction being that the box is only used as a ground frame when colliery trains are due, hence the little loved appearance of the box. I'm tempted to paint out a couple of the window panes to suggest plywood or hardboard replacement as a result of the local Teds using it as target practice with airborne railway ballast or air rifle. The box will probably be planted where the pilbox is to the left of the colliery.

Polbrook Gurney Colliery Sidings is my working title, I may well change the name but for now this gives a nod to Polbrock, with the Gurney being a popular North Somerset name.

But as always nothing is cast in stone and things will most likely get tweaked once the building starts. But whatever happens I need to be ready for Railex in May '13!
  • Find out more about Polbrock's move and extension here!


  1. Great work Chris. The ageing is especially realistic


  2. For a 'true' GWR box of that period with a pre-WWII nameplate, then it ought to have the words 'SIGNAL BOX' included at the end - the GWR was not averse to some rather long nameplates! You might want to try squeezing that in on your model .


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