Thursday, 1 January 2009

Carter's Siding - a bit MORE armchair pontification!

Before I totally write this one off, a 3D sketch of Carter's Siding (yup, using pencil and paper!). This is not at all to scale or in proportion (the loading dock is too high - in model form I'd like it to be around 2"), but does help me in trying to visualise things. The bridge would have to have quite a hump too so as to clear the trains - hence the narrow gauge line darting off towards the backscene. It will probably never happen......


  1. Hi Chris,

    I think you might have already gone beyond the point of no return with this one already :)

    I think it would work nicely. Your problem with being able to see through and beyond the bridge is surely no more of a big deal than being able to see a 'hole in the sky' on Catcott - if you look at it from the right (wrong?) angle.

    I have exactly the same issue with the layout I'm working on at the moment (slightly larger than yours would be at 4'x2') but decided that given the size constraints it's just something I have to accept. Some careful positioning of bushes and trees towards the front of the layout ought to at least distract the eye, if not entirely hiding that strange world beyond the portal!

    It's a bit easier to accommodate and overlook things like this when viewing a layout 'live' anyway, whereas with photographs - where one tends to be less forgiving - there's always good old Photoshop!


  2. I reckon this could still work, I'd certainly love to see it having discovered your other 2 layouts!


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